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Museum of Music History

Collection: "Musical Instruments Collection"

- The collection of musical instruments comprises 529 objects, among which are eighteenth-century string instruments by Leeb, Thir, and Stadlmann; nineteenth-century string instruments by Brandl, Mönig, and Ferenczy; guitars by Rudert and Stauffer; a harp by Holtzmann; pianos by Pachl, Beregszászy, Broadwood, and Erard, upright pianos by Pape and Lorencz, and a conductor’s upright piano by Ibach as well as table pianos and giraffe pianos. Along with these instruments the collection includes wind instruments: flutes by Schöllnast and Koch, an English horn by Erturi, Hungarian tárogató by Schunda and Stowasser, and a number of brass instruments.
- Among the highlights of our collection is a positive organ, which was made for a church near Eger in the 1770s. Our inventory also includes many folk instruments not only from Hungary, but also from neighboring countries and throughout the world.

This collection has following parts: