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Arte abstrata Arte marinha Cavaleiros Geometria Igreja (edifício) Indígenas Religião  Trombone animalia anjo arte arte moderna artes plásticas assinatura autoretrato barba carnaval casa cavalo chalupa coche colar cordilheira dança elétrico fachada flor fotografia gotas de água gravura guitarra clássica homem humana instalação (arte) instrumento musical jardim luz mar modernismo mulher natureza-morta nudez paeonia palmeira para fazer a lavanderia pesca pintura pintura de paisagem plantae praia pérolas reflexão retrato rio rosa veleiro vídeoarte água

Here you can do an advanced search for objects based on their relationship to a given person/institution, a place or time. If you enter a term into the search bars, a list of possible terms from our database will be shown. Choose one by clicking on it. Entering information into more than one field lets you close in the search more. You can also define the kind of object or the kind of relationship, between for example object and event etc., you are looking for. Searching an object by its inventory number is possible using a separate slot.

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