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Messer, Kat. Amme 68a
Clara Ziegler als Deborah in Mosenthal‘s "Deborah"
Handtier-Fährtenplatte (Chirotherium barthii)
Vue générale de Jéricho pris de la plaine
Speiseteller, Herzogliches Service mit Vedute
Elektrische Addiermaschine Typ AESM
Dauerkarte zum Betreten des Hauses der Nationalversammlung
Porträt einer sitzenden Frau
Kopie des Schreibens an die Vereinigung Norddt. Kornbranntwein Fabrik E.V. von der Spiritus-Zentrale
Mustertafel mit Laborgeräten

There are many good reasons to visit museums. Attending an event or an exhibition are just two of these. Museums "show" and "stage", they "educate" and "stimulate". But there is much more to museums than these: museums are places of safekeeping and research. These are two sides of a museum that are not often visible, yet they build the very core of a museum's visibility. It is the museum objects that are displayed, stored and studied. They are at the center of (almost) all work done in a museum. However, not all of objects kept in a museum can be showcased at once. Much has to remain in storage, hidden from the visitors.

In this website museums showcase their objects, in current exhibits and beyond. More than what can be shown in a museum's viewing space.

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